Around this time of year, many businesses start thinking about the staff Christmas party and come June, they wonder if they can claim it as a tax deduction. So here’s the scoop on the tax implications of having a Christmas party this year.

The short answer is, the cost of holding a Christmas party for your clients or staff is not a tax deduction and it could incur Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

To avoid paying FBT, the staff Christmas party needs to meet certain criteria such as:

  • The party is held at your business premises on a work day.
  • All catering and drinks can be provided by the business but must cost less than $300 per head.
  • If the on-site catering costs are more than $300 per head or past employees are invited, FBT could be incurred.
  • If the party is held off-site (like in a restaurant) and only current staff attend, the total cost must be less than $300 per head otherwise FBT is incurred. However, you may be able to claim a tax deduction and claim GST input tax credits (but speak with us first).
  • Client Christmas parties are not tax deductible and don’t incur FBT.

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